Day Cleaner / Janitorial Staff


In the majority of cases, office cleaning occurs outside of core office hours – either before or after your team has completed their own day’s work. You may also choose to have only daytime cleaners. But in some circumstances, typically offices with a higher headcount, a hybrid solution may exist whereby the addition of a daytime cleaning operative (or day janitor) is recommended.

With a high headcount facility, the cleanliness naturally reduces and often at too quick a rate due to the sheer volume of use – often with washrooms, kitchens and meeting rooms being the worst affected areas. A daytime operative can help you maintain a pleasurable, presentable and safe environment for your teams and your visitors.

Daytime cleaning typically offers a more reactive service due to having an operative on site that is available to respond to urgent requirements. It also improves the overall cleanliness of the premises; naturally reducing the level of complaints relating to the cleaning service.

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