The Flow Cleaning System


This innovative cleaning method is a variation on the traditional Team Cleaning method. It typically involves 2 to 3 cleaning operatives or more.

In this variation, each team member represents a wave of cleaning. The process starts at one point in the building e.g. at one end of an office on any given floor. One example of the division of labour involves four team members: the duster goes through the floor first then moves onto the next area. Then the next team member goes through and does all of the waste collection. Team member three, with responsibility for floor washing and bathrooms, takes up the action. Finally, the vacuuming and tidying team member completes the room and turns off the lights.

The process is proven to make the work go more quickly, with each person monitoring and checking his or her predecessor’s work. The cleaning duties can be easily adapted to the needs of the particular site and also the individual capabilities of the team member.

Greenzest has perfected the Flow Cleaning System. This variation on traditional methods ensures maximum cleaning efficiency AND consistently high levels of cleaning performance.

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