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Greenzest is a commercial cleaning company that puts the greatest priority on the welfare of the planet, our people and our partnerships. As one of the country’s leading office and commercial cleaning contractors, we set out not to appear different, but to actually make a difference. Our business is founded on a Corporate Sustainability model that sits firmly at the heart of everything we do and is central to all of our policies, strategy and operational procedures.


Greenzest is fully committed to using truly environmentally friendly cleaning products, equipment and operational solutions right across the spectrum of our commercial cleaning services.


Our rigorous recruitment processes help us ensure we have excellent staff with high levels of retention. We also thoroughly train our team so that they deliver consistently high standards of cleaning


We work with our customers to deliver the office and commercial cleaning services they need. This collaborative approach contributes to their own programme of sustainability.


Greenzest’s cost leadership approach is applied to all its business areas in order to reduce front-end pricing. We take full advantage of technology to streamline manual and paper processes in areas of recruitment, janitorial stock ordering and quality auditing.


Transparency is a cornerstone of our dealings with clients, suppliers and staff alike. Scheduled quality audits and regular client reviews are a proven means of meeting the client’s overall needs.

Flow Cleaning

Greenzest has perfected the Flow Cleaning System. This variation on traditional methods ensures maximum cleaning efficiency at consistently high levels of cleaning performance.

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