Greenzest has been created with Corporate Sustainability and ethical sourcing as core values. We believe in constantly measuring and managing our impact on the environment and will constantly strive to deliver environmentally friendly cleaning at no additional cost to the client.

Traditional cleaning products have generally been full of chemicals harmful to the environment. ‘Green’ cleaning can be defined as cleaning using natural and non-toxic ingredients and products i.e. ingredients and products derived from nature that can be safely used without polluting and poisoning the environment and ourselves. The Greenzest strategy is to procure only products that match our desired ‘green’ credentials. More than this, we hold our operations under constant scrutiny in order to minimize our impact on the environment.

Why clean ‘green’?

It is now well-proven that ‘green’ cleaning is kinder to the environment, you and your teams. Evidence now supports the claim that green cleaning will not only give you hygienically clean premises, but also a healthier environment to work in. We should all clean ‘green’ because it is no longer necessary to use chemicals to have a clean, hygienic facility.

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